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30 minutes of additional activity, every day for 30 Days
30 minutes | 30 days
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Sign up today for the Marie Keating Foundation’s Your Health Your Choice Challenge, proudly supported by Nicorette

The Marie Keating Foundation provides a range of information, awareness and support services throughout Ireland to people and families affected by cancer at every step of a cancer journey.

This New Years the Marie Keating Foundation are launching the Your Health Your Choice Challenge, proudly supported by Nicorette. We are encouraging people across Ireland to commit to 30 minutes of additonal activity for 30 days beginning anytime in January.

Every journey has a first step
sign up for the Your Health Your Choice challenge and kickstart a healthier 2023

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Did you know that between 30% - 50% of cancer diagnoses can be prevented by making just a few small changes to our lifestyle?

The Marie Keating Foundation’s Your Health, Your Choice Challenge is here to give you the kick start you need to make this year your healthiest year yet.

This is a challenge suitable for everybody. Sign up today and start your challenge January 2nd 2023. We are asking people in communities across Ireland to sign up and commit to completing 30 minutes of additional activity, every day for the duration of the challenge. You can begin your challenge at any point up to January 31st. 30 minutes of additional activity can be walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, doing yoga, dancing etc., It’s Your Health, It’s Your Choice!

By committing to the Your Health Your Choice Challenge, you will improve your health and help reduce your risk of developing cancer, all while supporting the lifesaving work of the Marie Keating Foundation.

Registering for this unique challenge is very easy. Just register here make a €20 donation supporting the Marie Keating Foundations lifesaving work in communities across Ireland and you will be ready to kick off your challenge January 2nd 2023 and record your daily 30 minutes of additional activity. 

By registering for the Your Health Your Choice National Challenge today for just €20, you will receive 2 bonus guides, a healthy recipe guide and a training guide. Developed by Jayne O’Toole certified nutritionist and coach, these fantastic guides will support your healthy choices for the next 30 days and beyond. 

Why 30 minutes of additional activity?

We are challenging you to choose your health and commit to 30 minutes of extra movement daily for 30 days. 30 minutes 7 days a week, that’s 210 minutes out of 6,720 minutes available every week. Kickstart a healthier, happier body and mind for life. We are urging you to join the challenge, not only to reduce your risk of cancer through increased activity but to also help us support people at every step of a cancer journey. Its Your Health, Its Your Choice, so make this Your Challenge.

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Your Health Your Choice

When it comes to looking after your health, cancer prevention is a cornerstone of what we do here at the Marie Keating Foundation. Our Your Health, Your Choice campaign shares with you the seven pillars of good health that you need to help reduce your risk of cancer.

To learn more about how you can reduce your risk just by making a few small adjustments to your daily routine visit

Celebrate Your Achievement!

To celebrate completing the Your Health Your Choice National Challenge why not purchase a special commemorative Marie Keating Foundation Challenge medal. Your €10 medal* donation will support the lifesaving work of Marie Keating Foundation Community Nurses.

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